Piccoli Oggetti Volanti - Little Flying Objects

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A volte le cose, gli oggetti, prendono il volo e cominciano a vivere la propria vita. A volte siamo invitati a fare un passo indietro e semplicemente osservare, mentre la magia della vita si dispiega proprio davanti ai nostri occhi.
Abbiamo vissuto un momento simile questo week-end. Eravamo a una piccola sagra del vino a sud di Milano, e la magia sembrava indubbiamente aver preso il sopravvento. C’erano bancarelle, sfilate, bande musicali, famiglie, divertimenti e tutto ciò che si potesse desiderare. Ma ciò che ha veramente catturato il nostro sguardo erano alcuni piccoli oggetti volanti…

Sometimes, things, objects, take off and start their own life. Sometimes, we’re invited to just stand back and watch, as the magic of life happens right before our eyes.

Such an instant was this weekend. We found ourselves at a little festival, where there was about everything one would ever want. But what  really caught our eye were some light objects flying up high… 


Che Cos’è un Nome? What's in a name?

Che cos’è un nome? Come Giulietta, ci siamo posti questa domanda. Ci abbiamo pensato e ripensato. A quale conclusione siamo giunti? Molto. Un nome è molto.

E dunque abbiamo fatto un salto e ci siamo tuffati, abbiamo cambiato il nome del nostro amato negozio. Quello che era Bimbibimbi, da oggi è Bimbily. Perché Bimbily? E perché cambiare, ancor prima di avere iniziato l’avventura?

Beh, prima di tutto sentivamo che era giusto. E le sensazioni per noi sono importanti. Le altre ragioni sono molte, forse troppe e troppo dettagliate per essere spiegate qui sul blog. Ma diciamo che ci piace avere un nome che è veramente nostro, un nome che richiama qualcosa di infantile, piccolo e amorevole.

E’ una sorpresa per noi quanto forse lo sarà per voi, ma sentiamo che è giusto.

Perché, dopotutto, Bimbily è quello di cui ci occupiamo: I bambini, l’essere piccoli e l’amore.
What's in a name? Just like Juliet, we asked ourselves that very question. We pondered, and we pondered. The answer we came up with? Quite a lot. Quite a lot is in a name.

And so, we took a leap, a jump and a dive, and changed the name of our beloved shop. What used to be Bimbibimbi, will from now on be Bimbily. Why Bimbily? And why change, before we have even begun this adventure?

Well, first of all, it just felt right. And feelings are important to us. The other reasons are many, perhaps too many and too detailed to describe thoroughly here on the blog. But let's say that it's nice with a name that's ours truly, and a name that reminds us of what is both childlike, small and lovely.
It's as surprising to us as it may be to you, but it feels just right.

Because after all, Bimbily is what we're all about: Kids, littleness and loveliness.


Stagioni di Cambiamenti - Seasons of Change

We are getting closer and closer to the launch of our boutique, and as we are approaching the exciting date of the official welcome, we note that this journey, so far, has been pretty fantastic. More so, because it has been different than what we expected, different in a good way. As with everything in life, things don't always turn out the way we imagine them to, and there can be many nice surprises along the way. That has certainly been the case for us, and we have learned, adapted, adopted, reflected and done the very best we can to be able to offer you a selection of what we think is the very best.

As you might imagine, we are really, really looking forward to the launch date. Can't wait, as a matter of fact.

If you're curious to find out more about us, please don't hesitate to get in touch, or keep stopping by here on the blog.

We promise we won't be long!


The Team



In the middle of planning

We are all busy planning our visit to Kind and Jugend in Köln this weekend. It is so much work, but we are really excited and happy to embark on this new adventure.


Come Se Fosse Natale - Just Like Christmas

lampada coniglio

Right now, every day feels like Christmas, but slightly better. Opening boxes, uncovering gifts. But it's better, because every gift is for you.


Dreaming of Red Balloons - Sognando dei Palloncini Rossi

As the leaves start to fall, the nights get darker and the cold weather closes in around us, what better than to prepare for the months ahead with some indoor fun? As our workload continues to grow before the launch of Bimbibimbi, we make sure to to wind down every now and then. One of the more relaxing activities, that the whole family can do together, is watching films together in the sofa. Classic, we know, but isn't it just that good? All gathered, big and small, crawled up under a blanket - autumn perfection.

So, what to watch? We wanted to share a very special film, suited for all ages (ok, 4-5 might be a good age to start), and all minds - The Red Balloon. It's the story about a boy and his red balloon on the streets of Paris in the fifties. The balloon starts following the boy throughout the whole city, and a fantastic adventure ensues. It's become a timeless classic, and has barely no dialogue but oh, so much action. And with music and visuals that are just magic. If you're not already a fan, we highly, highly recommend you become one. Pure magic.

What's your favourite film for dark autumn nights with the family?


When the rain takes a break- Quando la pioggia prende una pausa

Walking around in a typical Italian vacation spot, we stumbled across this wonderful merry go round... Just like the one from Mary Poppins, as my daughter very happily pointed out!