Dreaming of Red Balloons - Sognando dei Palloncini Rossi

As the leaves start to fall, the nights get darker and the cold weather closes in around us, what better than to prepare for the months ahead with some indoor fun? As our workload continues to grow before the launch of Bimbibimbi, we make sure to to wind down every now and then. One of the more relaxing activities, that the whole family can do together, is watching films together in the sofa. Classic, we know, but isn't it just that good? All gathered, big and small, crawled up under a blanket - autumn perfection.

So, what to watch? We wanted to share a very special film, suited for all ages (ok, 4-5 might be a good age to start), and all minds - The Red Balloon. It's the story about a boy and his red balloon on the streets of Paris in the fifties. The balloon starts following the boy throughout the whole city, and a fantastic adventure ensues. It's become a timeless classic, and has barely no dialogue but oh, so much action. And with music and visuals that are just magic. If you're not already a fan, we highly, highly recommend you become one. Pure magic.

What's your favourite film for dark autumn nights with the family?


  1. likeeeee your blog!!
    keep posting and go for it!

  2. Thank you Demi! Likewise! xx

  3. i love that movie! we love watching my fair lady :)


Grazie! Thank you!