Give an Instant Gift with our Bimbily Gift Cards

This year we have prepared for the holiday season properly by preparing our very own Bimbily Gift Cards, available both in printed version or as E-Cards, the latter being specially appropriate for all last minute shoppers out there who need a quick solution to their holiday shopping. Simply choose your value, and have it sent to the recipient immediately via email! Easy as that.

Merry Christmas from us all here at Bimbily!


Bimbily on Bambinogoodies

So proud to have been featured on Bambinogoodies as one of their hot shops! We love their site and feel honoured to have been chosen by their lovely team.



Meet Rie Elise Larsen's DIY Projects!

In time for Christmas, we have a few newbies that are perfect for when spending warm days indoors huddled up with a fun DIY project. Rie Elise Larsen specializes in making lovely Try-at-home Kits, and accompanies them with an instructional video for those of us who need some guidance along the way.

Magic Dreamcatcher:

Astronaut Boy Name Kit:

Lucky Lollipop Fairy Cutout Sheet (coming soon):


How lovely aren't these...

 …new glittery paper star garlands from Rie Elise Larsen? Brand new in the store, we love how they're just the right amount of magic for a little room or a space. Where's there glitter and magic, well, that's a place where we want to be.


A Wee Bit of London...

How lovely isn't this - Regent Street all prepared for the busy holiday weeks ahead. The snap was actually taken a week or two ago, but it felt like a good image to say bye to this week and good morning to Monday. Only a month left until Christmas now… 


How cute aren't...

…these little night lights, in the most minute mini versions? Baby Hungry Bunny and Baby Squirrel joined the team very recently, and have almost sold out completely in just a few days. We've been told they won't be available form the manufacturer until January again, so if you want to get your paws on one or two, we would recommend you to order them fairly soon… Aren't they sweet? Just perfect for the chilly, dark autumn nights..


Bimbily's Gift Guide for 2013 - Find Your Perfect Gifts for the Little Ones!

 Take me to the gift guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's soon time to get all those gifts ready so that you can relax and have a jolly good time when the peak days of the holiday kick in. We've prepared a little Bimbily Christmas Gift Guide filled with different gift ideas, suitable from 0-10 years old.

If you find something that you want that is temporarily out of stock - don't worry. Most items are on their way again and should be here no later than next week.

Have fun browsing!


Things We Do to Relax.

Right now we're in the middle of a very busy work period, filled with newness and exciting things coming up. Everyone seems to have started to feel the buzz of the upcoming holiday season, and it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden.

In extra hectic times like these, we have a favourite film to watch in our house. A film that makes one forget about small and perhaps stressful things and travel far away to a place where, even if there's rain, there are always smiles. And Gene Kelly.

I'm of course talking about Singing In the Rain.

Fabulous film, fabulous cast, fabulous music and dance. What more do you need? It's perfection. And, the best part: The kids love to watch this one, even from a pretty early age.

So, here's a small clip and a huge recommendation if you're yet to see it:

What are your favourite films to watch over and over again with the kids?


Lately on Instagram

The last couple of weeks have included many changes, both on smaller and larger scales. Moving, reorganizing, re-planning, reconnecting, rediscovering London.. A lot of re:s. And it's been fabulous.

A few images from the last couple of weeks:


New In: Muslin Comfort Blanket from Aden+Anais

A cuddly companion made with muslin and love, the classic musy mate™ lovey puts a fun twist on security blankets, providing comfort at bedtime and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a new baby gift or celebrating your little one’s first birthday, the musy mate lovey will quickly become any child’s favorite animal friend. We specially love these ones for the babyshower or as a gift for the newborn child. To purchase, please have a look in the store.


Halloween DIY

Halloween is around the corner, and we felt it was time for some fun DIY projects to have around the house. While the kids dress up and prepare for some trick'n'treating, we thought we would get going on some of these Halloween projects, both costumes and for the home. To see the full details, please click the links below the images:

Felt garland to hang on the front door

Small monster bunting, muahahaha...

Deluxe pumpkins...

DIY Halloween Bat Garland by Studio DIY for The Sweetest Occasion
Awesome bat bunting - personal favourite

White ghosts, easy and fun DIY paper lantern...


Awesome robot and owl costumes...

Adorable owl costume...


We are waiting...

for quite a few stock refills right now, as are many of you as well we've understood. In the mean time, we can have a look at some of the prettiness that came with La Marelle Editions recently, with many goodies that are just about perfect for the Christmas stocking or under the tree... For fans of the fabulous illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius, there is plenty of adorableness to be had in this collection:


Flensted Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Oftentimes, popular products run out of stock quicker than expected, and depending on availability at the manufacturer's the restock time can vary - sometime's it's a short wait, sometime's it's a longer wait. Sometimes we have a queue of other things that need to be ordered before the item in question, and so it can take a while before we get items back in out little warehouse. 

In this case, we have waited for a bit for this one lovely item that just got back in stock today: The Flensted Hot Air Balloon Mobile, the mobile bestseller, handmade in Denmark. I found this lovely video on YouTube (courtesy Scope) that shows just how peaceful it moves around, all on its own. Isn't it just so relaxing? No wonder it's been so popular ever since we presented it in the store.


New In: Scandinavian Cotton Rugs

Rugs are essential to a kids room, and thar's why we're this week really happy to introduce these gorgeous and generous sized Scandinavian rugs in the store. Usually known as 'trasmatta' in Swedish, these kinds of rugs are a long standing tradition in many Nordic homes, and are traditionally weaved together with left over fabrics from clothes, curtains, etc. The result is a mixed melange sort of rug, that nowadays comes in beautiful solid colours as well.

They are extra practical for the kids, as they are both great to sit and play on the floor on, as well as being machine washable, something that we all can appreciate a lot. No wonder they are pretty much a staple item in a Scandinavian children's room. Please have a look at some inspiration below, and visit the rug section in the shop:

La Belle Vie Tumblr


Ica Carlsson


Elle Interior
Lillau Blogspot


Autumn is Here

New York City Cab, as yellow as they come
Autumn has arrived and is wrapping her brisk arms around all of us in this colourful month of September. With season changes, there are often other changes that come along; Schools start, work places start to fill up to their full capacity again, shops return to regular hours and whatever slow pace was left of the summer is now definitely gone. 

Here at Bimbily, things have been very busy lately, and we too have experienced some changes of our own over these last few weeks. We are excited to be adding new collections to our store, as well as stacking up in the warehouse for the next few months, making sure there is plenty of everything for everyone. 

This week, a small part of our team (namely me) is in New York City. What a town! More on that coming up, and what good things there are to do with the kids in a city such as New York. 

Anyone looking for rugs for the nursery or the kids room should stay tuned as there will be a great line coming in next week too,

Stay tuned for more updates, sign up to the newsletter here on the right to make sure you're the first to know about our news and don't miss out on those special offers. 

Until soon!



Are you on Instagram?

If so, please join in on this fun giveaway of the hugely popular nesting dolls designed by Ingela P Arrhenius! By following us, reposting this photo (that you find on our Instagram profile) and tagging it with #BIBMILYFUN, you have a chance to win not one, but three different sets of Ingela nesting dolls! That's right, pretty cool. So don't miss this chance, you have until September 12!


New and Proud Addition to the Store: Majvillan Wallpaper Collection



I remember being a little girl in my room at night, studying the slightly magical wallpaper next to me before falling asleep. Even though the figures and images were always the same, there were new and familiar discoveries every night. The reassurance of being surrounded by my favourite stories told through images was wonderful, and for this reason wallpaper is something that I hold very dear: Everyone should experience that special feeling that the right wallpaper gives when in a room.

For this reason, and for many other reasons, we couldn't be more proud to present this absolutely fantastic wallpaper collection that is being delivered directly from Sweden, bringing its magic, fantasy and bold colours into kids rooms and nurseries everywhere: Majvillan. The print and production is local and eco friendly and the design is young and Scandinavian - what's not to love?

Majvillan was created by talented designer Charlotta Sandberg just earlier this year, and we were lucky enough to meet her in Stockholm earlier this summer and get a first hand introduction to the lovely collection. It seems there's no end to things to look at, and we love the idea of the kids being able to study the wallpapers at any time of the day, sharing the little stories being told by the different characters and objects. And they're many: Dragons, circus bears, castles, clouds & stars, rainbows, owls, fish, cherry trees; there really is no end of possibilities!

Please come have a look and see which one your favourite of the Majvillan wallpapers is.


An Eclectic Missoni Nursery

We couldn't help posting these lovely nursery pictures from expecting Margerita Missoni's Instagram account. The original and eclectic nursery decor choices for her future son are both personal and quite inspiring, and we couldn't not share them. All pictures are hers, and you can find the rest here. What do you think?

The Garbo & Friends Kruger Crib Bumper! Find it in the store here.
©mmmargherita on Instagram

©mmmargherita on Instagram

©mmmargherita on Instagram

©mmmargherita on Instagram

©mmmargherita on Instagram