For the Girls Room: Displaying Dresses

We love the idea of playing around with different decor ideas in the children's room, and testing what works.

This week we're in love with the idea of showing off little dresses on display on the wall with the help of pretty hangers. Many little girls have their special dresses (fairies and princesses anyone?) that might just be a tad too fancy to be worn at kindergarden or at school. Why not get some cute hangers and make a display on the wall? We took some inspiration from around the web, and think that the set of wooden hangers from Maileg available in the store is just perfect for this purpose, and pretty enough to be shown off too.

What do you think about this decorative touch?


Garbo & Friends

We are so happy to finally be able to introduce Garbo & Friends, the new and absolutely lovely baby collection arriving from Sweden. The collection has been awarded the Milk Magazine Coup de Couer award, and is much talked about in international children's and design media: Not strange, considering the collection is absolutely fantastic. We are very proud to be able to include it in our collection here at Bimbily.

Behind the brand is talented and adorable Susann Karlsson Nemirovsky, a young illustrator and graphic designer from Stockholm who wanted to create something extra beautiful and sweet of high and long lasting quality for babies and children, inspired by her childhood in the Småland countryside of Sweden.

In the collection soft colours in pastel shades are mixed with adorable illustrations of sweet butterflies, swimming fish, animals of the jungle and little birds, as well as wonderful and light solids to mix and match as you please.

The collection consists of key pieces for every day life with little babies: Lovely stroller blankets with a warm and soft fleece lining, beautiful and organic baby sheets with matching crib bumpers and absolutely irresistible and healthy baby bottles, all made in eco friendly and high quality materials. The textile products are all GOTS-certified, which means they are excellent and ethical across the board, both for the environment and the employees who are involved in the production.The beautiful baby bottles are BPA-free, made from PES and their silicone teats are anti-colic, so you can rest assure that your baby won't suffer from undesired stomach pains.

We are just absolutely in love with this collection, and we are particularly fond of the patterns and sweet colours. They items make wonderful gifts for the new parents, for the baby shower, and they are lovely for your own collection as well.

Garbo & Friends is healthy, ethical, stylish and longlasting: Just what we look for when shopping for our children. Enjoy!



Dreaming with Laurent Chechere

flying house :: laurent chehere
©Laurent Chehere

Laurent Chehere
©Laurent Chehere

Laurent Chehere
©Laurent Chehere

Laurent Chehere
©Laurent Chehere

©Laurent Chehere
Winter is at that point where it seems just endless again, and it is at moments like these that some inspiration from other worlds and times becomes extra welcome. We are absolutely in love with the photography of Laurent Chehere, a French photographer who has made this fantastic series of flying houses, caravans and tents. Please have a look at this personal website and marvel. Just magic... Needless to say, it was love at first sight.


Party News!

Please have a look at our new selection of party goods here. Let the celebration begin!


Spring loves Aden+Anais

Primavera sta finalmente arrivando, e con i primi raggi di sole noi tiriamo fuori uno dei nostri brand preferiti: Aden+Anais. Grazie alle loro pratici e bellissimi swaddles di mussola sono diventati i preferiti dalle mamme di tutto il mondo. Sono ideali per coprire il tuo piccolo, appendere sopra il passeggino o coprire l'ovetto della machina dalla luce, per coprire mamma e bebè durante la poppata. Portategli in spiaggia con te oppure per un girettino nella città. Non sai mai quando ti possono essere utili, il loro uso è infinito!

Le star li adorano, anche noi. Puoi trovarli da Bimbily.com.
Spring is finally around the corner, and with the first rays of sun we bring out our favourite spring and summer brand: Aden+Anais. They are a longstanding favourite with mums all over the world, for their beautiful and super practical muslin swaddles: Ideal to cover your baby in or hang over the stroller or car sea, bring to the beach or just for a stroll in the city.

The celebrities love them, and so do we. Shop now.


Add Colour to the Room with Bunting

pictured borrowed through Pinterest, originally pinned by "Les Petite Magazine"

picture courtesy of jenwoodhouse.com

Courtesy of insidehomepage

Bunting was a lightweight material used to make flags and ribbons around 17th century. Today it has become popular to use as a colourful ingredient in party and interior decoration. It adds that extra sweetness and brightness to any childrens room.
These playful and sweet buntings will light up any room as well as the heart of the "little one" living there. Needless to say, we at Bimbily love bunting!