DIY alla Margherita

Every now and then, we get a chance to see our products in the homes where they belong, and it's always very thrilling to see how everyone is so creative. We were lucky enough to spot lovely Margherita from the blog Maternityleave making some DIY with a RAST Ikea dresser, and then perfectly matching it with the Star wall hanger from the Star collection and our favourite Bambi cuddly animal for a untterly sweet nursery corner.

These are her tutorial pictures that she has been kind enough for us to borrow, and we think it's a lovely idea to follow:

Thank you for sharing Margherita!


Flensted Sale!

Right now we are doing a little spring cleaning in the shop, and among the great products on offer to great prices are the handmade mobiles from Danish brand Flensted. We absolutely love how they make a space just a little bit more peaceful with their slow and steady movements, and whether hung over a crib or an office desk, they are bound to please the eye.

Each mobile is made by hand in Denmark, and that alone is quite something. They make beautiful gifts for the new parents, and are a favourite among our customers! Shop here.