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Summer is starting to round up, and while we are still, very much so, soaking up the sun rays of August and enjoying the relaxation that comes with it, it is an undeniable fact that autumn is just around the corner. This means kindergardens, schools and offices are all getting ready to open their doors back up again, and so we are prepared with our fall selection for the little school days!

Take a peak below and in the store at this year's choices, offering organic cotton, French design and funky prints and illustration, and soft fabrics to make those kindergarden and school days extra fun. The prints on the Coq En Pate bags, in collaboration with MIBO, are all by UK illustrator Madeleine Rogers. Needless to say, we love them!

New in are the drawstring bags, perfect for both gym days and park days, small and big children. Hope you enjoy the selection as much as we do!

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