Autumn is Here

New York City Cab, as yellow as they come
Autumn has arrived and is wrapping her brisk arms around all of us in this colourful month of September. With season changes, there are often other changes that come along; Schools start, work places start to fill up to their full capacity again, shops return to regular hours and whatever slow pace was left of the summer is now definitely gone. 

Here at Bimbily, things have been very busy lately, and we too have experienced some changes of our own over these last few weeks. We are excited to be adding new collections to our store, as well as stacking up in the warehouse for the next few months, making sure there is plenty of everything for everyone. 

This week, a small part of our team (namely me) is in New York City. What a town! More on that coming up, and what good things there are to do with the kids in a city such as New York. 

Anyone looking for rugs for the nursery or the kids room should stay tuned as there will be a great line coming in next week too,

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Until soon!


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