Give an Instant Gift with our Bimbily Gift Cards

This year we have prepared for the holiday season properly by preparing our very own Bimbily Gift Cards, available both in printed version or as E-Cards, the latter being specially appropriate for all last minute shoppers out there who need a quick solution to their holiday shopping. Simply choose your value, and have it sent to the recipient immediately via email! Easy as that.

Merry Christmas from us all here at Bimbily!


Bimbily on Bambinogoodies

So proud to have been featured on Bambinogoodies as one of their hot shops! We love their site and feel honoured to have been chosen by their lovely team.



Meet Rie Elise Larsen's DIY Projects!

In time for Christmas, we have a few newbies that are perfect for when spending warm days indoors huddled up with a fun DIY project. Rie Elise Larsen specializes in making lovely Try-at-home Kits, and accompanies them with an instructional video for those of us who need some guidance along the way.

Magic Dreamcatcher:

Astronaut Boy Name Kit:

Lucky Lollipop Fairy Cutout Sheet (coming soon):