Creating a Wall full of Art in the Children's Room

We love the idea of a wall full of art in our home, where a mix of personal memories can blend with artwork and drawings in perfect harmony. It's a classic concept, brilliant because of it's versatility: Anything goes, and it's up to you to create a wall that brings both meaning and beauty into your home, all in your own, personal style. Mixing different sizes of prints or photos, blending a variety colours and finding frames that go together or contrast each other is a big part of the fun in creating a wall of art.

It's a concept that works beautifully in the nursery or the children's room as well: Here you can mix the first drawing or footprint with the favourite poster, and perhaps even the alphabet when the time is right. There's no right or wrong, and it's a both fun and inexpensive way to give a really personal touch to your children's room. Below are a few ideas that we find inspiring:

Mix framed drawings together with s stylish wordbanner for a unique and sophisticated look.

Joyful artwork by Ingela P Arrhenius mix happily with an array of both illustrations and personal items in this creatively arranged room.

We love this graphic mix-and-match galore, with strong, splendid colours that give a creative feel to  this nursery. Yellow, blue, grey and black are all unusual yet excellent choices for a baby nursery, as proven in this original space.

Smaller frames in different colours add extra sweetness to this already charming and light sibling room.

Another match of grey and yellow, with perfect black and white prints and frames to accent the wall.

A light and creative space for the children (or adults) that are a bit older, where the favourite pieces can be displayed above the desk while doing homework, drawing or writing. Lovely!

Some suggestions to start off: